Welcome at Erasmus Genootschap Gouda

The historical town Gouda, situated not far from Rotterdam, maintains a strong bond with the most famous of all Christian humanists, Desiderius Erasmus. His parents lived in this town, the main part of his youth was spent here, for six years he studied in the monastry of Steyn, close to Gouda.

In 2005 the Erasmus Society of Gouda (Erasmus Genootschap Gouda, EGG) was founded, with the aim to consolidate the historical ties of Erasmus with Gouda and to bring his thoughts and writings under attention. The society organizes lectures and sees to publications, a small group gathers regularly to study the original texts. Apart from active members there is a large group of friends,essential for morale and financial support. 

In order to join or should you have any questions you are welcome to send a mail (in your own language) to: bestuur@erasmusgouda.nl